Realised Redemption

better resurrection

Bedfellows or Bedlam

This article is a response to Sam Frost's simplistic and misleading critique of universalism.

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Israel was God's redemptive microcosm for what He was out-working on behalf of the whole creation – macrocosm.

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Eternal And The Q Factor Forever and Everlasting

Biblical texts that reveal the end times came in the first century.

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Every Knee Shall Bow

There is a belief held in certain religious circles that the presence of God beyond death is restricted to a select few.

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Can you forgive someone even if they refuse to accept your forgiveness given you have the power to forgive?

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Fulfilled Grace

How broad is the canvas of God's love, how far the strokes of His grace? To what lengths does it reach?

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Outside the Gates

Some appeal to Rev 22:14-15 and then ask: "what then happens to the wicked at death?"

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Redemption Reconciliation & Salvation

These expressions are not always saying the one or the same thing.

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Resurrection of Condemnation

The resurrection of condemnation was directly associated with the age of which it consummated.

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