No More Enemies

By David Embury

IF as Pantelism contends – in the AD70 Parousia of Christ the LAST enemy to be destroyed was “death” [1Cor 15:26]; and IF along with “death” its paralyzing venom of “sin” duly empowered by the “law” likewise suffered demise [1Cor 15:56]; and further… IF God having reconciled all things in heaven and on earth to Himself through the blood of Christ’s cross [Col 1:20]; THEN regardless of what you or I or anybody else thinks or reasons – God has no more enemies.

Now even if in the ignorance or arrogance of some men’s feeble minds they consider themselves enemies of God, from HIS perspective they are not [Col 1:21], period. The logic is clear-cut – IF from the pantelist perspective “the last enemy” to be destroyed was death then consistency dictates that there can be NO MORE ENEMIES thereafter; therefore God has no more enemies, period! And so… IF God has made peace, and the Scriptures testify He has, THEN who are we to question His gracious will?