Realised Eschatology 2

better resurrection

Return of the High Priest

The Cross and the Coming of Christ are indelibly linked together as two bookends of the ONE end-time [eschaton].

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The Devil's Downfall

This world's problem is not Satan but SIN, this world's problem is not the Devil but DOUBT.

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The Great Co-Mission

Five Greek words show that the so-called "Great Commission" was fulfilled in the "this generation" time-frame AD30-70

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The Nations

The PRIMARY deception of the nations in Rev 20:10 was in reference to Israel under the Old Covenant.

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We Shall Be Like Him

The power of the resurrection initiated the restoration of the Presence of God to man healing the true death of humanity.

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The Elect & Her Offspring

Pantelism contends that “believers” post-Parousia are “the offspring” of the great ‘consummation of the ages’

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