Realised Eschatology

better resurrection

A Better Resurrection

The "better resurrection" of Heb 11:35 was the resurrection to LIFE eternal in the soon to be revealed, "age to come.

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About to

The Greek word mello according to Bauer-Arndt-Gingrich and Wigram-Green lexicons means about to or ready to.

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Biblical Texts on Imminency

Biblical texts that reveal the end times came in the first century

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Death Is Covenantal

This whole issue of "death" in relation to Adam's stance before God is important to grasp.

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Heaven and Earth

Jesus was not referring to terrestrial or celestial bodies etc; once again he was talking 'covenantal transition.'

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If A=B=C then A=C

The Olivet discourse cannot be divided to insert some far distant future 3rd or more Comings of Christ.

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Is The Resurrection Past?

The power of the resurrection initiated the restoration of the Presence of God to man, healing the true death of humanity.

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Rapture, Rupture or Resurrection

Rapture, Rupture or Resurrection - which is it?

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Rapturous Silence

Why the silence post Parousia? - what happened after AD 70? Here is an explanation.

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