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Baptised for the Dead

What is "baptism for the dead" and who were "they" that were being so baptised? 1Corinthians 15:11 identifies them.

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Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit

The "blasphemy against the Holy Spirit" - what was it?

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First CALLED Christians

In the OT Greek [the Septuagint – LXX] this word is primarily used in describing God's "dealings" with His people.

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How Sin Works

This is the wonderful truth of our Gospel. The good news of the gospel is a life of freedom over sin – not from sin.

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It is my contention that the Law was dealt its death knell through the Cross of Calvary.

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The Body

Paul's use of 'body' in 2Cor 5 has nothing to do with an individual's personal status after death – then or now.

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