A Better Resurrection

By David Embury

Heb 11:35 Women received their dead raised to life again. Others were tortured, not accepting deliverance, that they might obtain a better resurrection.

The "better resurrection" of Heb 11:35 was the resurrection to and the attaining of LIFE eternal in the soon to be revealed, "age to come." Up until that point under old covenant history, every person resurrected from death subsequently died again and saw "corruption." And like all others before had not entered Heaven [Jn 1:18; 3:13], but entered the Hadean realm of Paradise-Tartarus; as the way into the 'Holiest of All' - Heaven, had not yet been opened [Heb 9:8]. All resurrections prior to the Parousia, except Christ's, were of a fleshly temporal nature and all subsequently died again. At death, the ancients faced [Heb] "Sheol" [Gk] "Hades" i.e., Paradise-Tartarus [Lk 16:22-26, 23:43; 2Pt 2:4], but this was not Heavens' eternal life.

Elijah raises the widow of Zarephath's son - 1Kgs 17:17-23.

Elisha raises the Shunammite woman's son- 2Kgs 4:17-37.

Elisha's bones cause a dead man to be raised to life - 2Kgs 13:21.

Jesus raises the widow's son - Lk 7:11-17.

Jesus raises Jairus' daughter - Lk 8:40-42, 49-55.

Jesus raises Lazarus - Jn 11:38-44.

Many saints raised at the crucifixion/resurrection - Mt 27:52-53.

Peter raises Tabitha - Act 9:36-42.

Paul raises Eutychus - Act 20:9-11.

Christ was the only one ever promised not to see "corruption" [Act 2:31, Psa 16:10], being raised with a "flesh and bone" body [Lk 24:39]. Jesus had to be "bodily" raised as proof positive of His defying and defeat of death, of which later He destroyed its power completely in His 2nd Coming circa AD70. Jesus, Paul tells us brought "life [eternal] and immortality to light through the gospel" [2Tim 1:10]. Those being "counted worthy to attain that age" would be "sons of God" being "sons of the resurrection" no longer subject to death - being equal to the angels Lk 20:35-36; because Jesus has come "according to the power of an endless life" and "dies no more" [Heb 7:16; Rom 6:9].

We are counted with those of Rev 14:13 who are now "blessed who die in the Lord from now on." Ours is a better resurrection, unto eternal life. This was Paul's aim - to know "the power of His resurrection" to "attain to the resurrection from the dead" Phil 3:10-11. His yearning was for more than a temporal resurrection from biological demise like those previous; his longing was for THE resurrection par excellence.