SCRIPTURE: "Go, stand in the temple courts," he said, "and tell the people the full message of this new life." Acts 5:20

A Better Resurrection
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Biblical Texts on Imminency
Death Is Covenantal
Heaven and Earth
If A=B=C then A=C
Is The Resurrection Past
Rapture, Rupture Or Resurrection
Rapturous Silence
Return of The High Priest
The Devil's Downfall
The Great Co-Mission
The Nations
We Shall Be Like Him
Bedfellows or Bedlam --           a considered response
Eternal & The Q Factor
Every Knee Shall Bow
Fulfilled Grace
Outside The Gates
Redemption Reconciliation & Salvation
Resurrection of Condemnation
SALVATION: What It Means
Saved From What
The Law - Abolished or Fulfilled
Baptised For The Dead
Blasphemy Against The Holy Spirit
First CALLED Christians
How Sin Works
REDEMPTION --                          At or Through The Cross
The Body
Bible Threatenings Explained
Enoch & Elijah R.I.P.
Escape From Churchianity
Jesus' Teaching on Hell
The Eschatology of Being “Born Again”
The Kingdom of God


From Presence Ministries International

Our first DVD documentary, "An Introduction to the Presence Movement" is off press. If you have a broadband modem, you can preview this 23-minute program online. The DVD, of course, is broadcast quality and plays much sharper on your TV. Tim King, your host, tours Southern Colorado and introduces a biblical alternative to End-Time alarmism. Order a copy of this DVD to show to your family and friends.

The programs below are viewable using the latest RealOne Player plugin, via broadband/DSL modems. The RealOne Player has both Windows and Macintosh plug-ins. These programs below range from 4 to 8 megabytes in size and can only be viewed with a 300 DSL/ or broadband cable modem.

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An Introduction to the Presence Movement

[Garden of the Gods, 0:00 - 3:20 minutes]

Have we overlooked the presence of God? Tim King presents a biblical alternative to End-Time Alarmism that understands the Last Days as a time unique to Jesus and his generation. Click the title above to view Segment 1.

Interpreting Our Past

[Cliff-Dwelling Museum, 3:21 - 7:17]

Understanding the story of the Bible presents us with many of the same challenges as interpreting ancient civilizations. Click the title above to view Segment 2.         

Too Much Tension

[Royal Gorge Bridge, 7:18 - 12:14]

In the New Testament period, there is a bridge that expands between the Law of Moses and the New Covenant of Christ. Click the title above to view Segment 3.

The Process of the Changing Covenants

[Sand Dunes, 12:15 - 18:11]

Israel was set free at the Red Sea and yet didn't enter the Promised Land for 40 years. Jesus foresaw this 40-year period, when this Old covenant world would pass away. Click the title above to view Segment 4.

Our New Covenant

[Helen Hunt Falls, 18:12 - 20:14]

Jesus is the living water, the fountain that flows from within. We are here to build the civilizations of tomorrow.   Click the title above to view Segment 5.                            

Continue the Journey

[Garden of the Gods, 20:15 - 22:55]

Tim King invites you to study these things further, and join him in a separate 12-part DVD series, based "The Spirit of Prophecy." Click the title above to view Segment 6.

Order a copy of this DVD to show to your family and friends. This DVD introduces a 12-part teaching series on "The Spirit of Prophecy."